Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Achieving the goals of social responsibility has always been one of the concerns of urban management. Participation in cultural, social and health fields is one of the most important aspects of Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. performance in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

  • Inauguration of the first RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) at Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc.

People can use this device to collect the plastic bottles, which take so many years to be recycled, and in return get a receipt and in a way sort out their waste at the source.


  • Opening a special area for people who are visually impaired for the first time at Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc.

By using this system, which features a braille device and the store product software with a braille keyboard, citizens who are visually impaired can also purchase the items they need.

Store software, while communicating with a Braille device, converts text to Farsi speech and enables the search and selection of requested goods for visually impaired disabled customers.

Using this system, these disabled customers can have access to all the goods in the store and can access their shopping lists without anyone’s help, then by using braille and audio input and output they can have their shopping lists printed by the Kiosk Printer's Guide and finally hand it to the customer’s assistant to prepare the goods.









  • Distribution of "biodegradable" bags with rapid environmental absorption
  • Hosting individuals with autism spectrum disorder in order to enhance social and communication skills
  • Supplying fabric shopping bags in order to support social entrepreneurship and employment of disabled people and reducing the consumption of plastic bags
  • Adaptation of store space for people with disabilities
  • Running the Campaign of “One for my friend” at Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. as school season begins to help underprivileged children and students
  • Initiation of Shahrvand online store Portal (Shahrvand e-shop) for flood-stricken people
  • Launching a vehicle-free shopping campaign at Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc.