Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. on the road of change

Entering the realm of managing a large chain store which is a reputable brand and also a subsidiary of a larger brand called Tehran Municipality requires both short and long-term comprehensive business strategies in these turbulent days of Iranian economy.

In the light of the new urban management and in the days when there’s a wind of change in Tehran municipality and after following the urban management slogan of “Tehran, a city for everyone”, we are now hopeful to make a new plan in order to follow a new slogan “Shahrvand, a Store for Everyone” and do our best to make it come true.



With the introduction of the latest technological advances and new ideas into Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. environment, fundamental changes have been made to protect the interests of customers so that they can have a shopping experience in a modern store which meets international standards of authentic modern stores in addition to being present in an attractive and diverse environment. 


Easy access to goods and services is one of the most important goals of Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc., which has always been one of the main urban management plans, so Shahrvand Company is ready to provide its services and supply goods in cooperation with other municipalities not only in the capital but also in other provinces and metropolises.

New Shahrvand shops are currently being built and under construction in some parts of the capital. There are also some proposals to develop Shahrvand shops in a number of major cities which are under consideration.

Structural measures and reforms

  • Developing a 1400 vision transformation document with operational strategies and solutions
  • Attracting the private sector participation in “Shahrvand e-shop” for distribution and delivery system with 200 injector and electric motorcycles
  • Renovation of shop facilities and equipment and optimization of commodity layout
  • Mechanizing the process of entry of goods into the store and warehouse system
  • Designing and implementing general and specialized training programs to increase staff efficiency