New Services
New Services

  1. The first self-checkout system at Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc.

Self-checkout system is the latest achievement of retail and hypermarket field which was launched for the first time in Iran by Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc.

Shahrvand Company has implemented this system in accordance with customer orientation and customer trust. Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. is the first store in Iran to trust customers to scan and pay for their purchased items themselves, the primary goal of which is a system of customer confidence and a sense of altruism and a different experience for customers to participate directly in the sales process.

The self-checkout system has been launched in these stores with a reduced cost approach, which in itself has helped to save a lot of human resources and store space, while the software has entirely been designed and implemented by IT department of Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc.

Six-dimensional barcodes are used in the design of the self-checkout system which is more advanced than conventional checkout systems and is capable of scanning any goods in any shape, while there are brochures next to the system.




  1. The unveiling of our first RVM

Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. has launched its first machine for recycling different types of beverage bottles (RVM) in the country.

Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc have always been one of the first companies to bring technology to citizens and provide better services to their customers using the latest technologies in the new era of urban management. People can use this device to collect the plastic bottles of drink, which takes years to be recycled, and in return get a receipt and in a way sort out their waste at the source.

The purpose of the device is to receive all kinds of dry waste from citizens quickly and easily and store it for recycling. The most important wastes that these machines accept are plastic juice and mineral water bottles, glass bottles, and soft drink aluminum cans.

Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc. have made significant contributions to protecting the environment and addressing their social responsibility for environmental problems by launching its first device for receiving bottles of beverages in the country that performs waste separation and recycling. It works best, without a doubt, with the introduction of RVMs into the country's stores to witness a major environmental revolution.




  1. Shahrvand smart portable checkout gadget

Shahrvand attended the 2nd Smart Tehran Exhibition which took place at Milad Tower and unveiled the Smart portable checkout Gadget in order to enhance its services to the citizens of Tehran.

The latest achievement of Shahrvand Chain Stores Inc., the Smart portable checkout Gadget, is a citizen-friendly feature designed to facilitate the purchase of customers, allowing them to scan goods and calculate the value of customers' mobile purchases.

Using this tool, customers with a smaller shopping cart will go to the smart checkout line, after scanning the goods and calculating the purchase amount, will be billed as soon as possible through their mobile printer.

The new technology of Shahrvand Company has been designed and implemented using the local knowledge of the company in accordance with the latest standards of the world through which it is possible to use all services such as online payment, Coupon and wire transfer and customer club for the citizens.