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Which stores have installment sales, General conditions for setting up "Shahrvand Mahaleh" branches

Which stores have installment sales, General conditions for setting up "Shahrvand Mahaleh" branches

In a conversation with Shahr, Davoud Ghorbanian said that the provision of services in the Tehran Municipality is a fundamental task and said: Tehran metropolis needs diverse and numerous structures in the field of service provision. One of the organizations and structures that are planned to provide services to the citizens is the 27-year-old Shahrvand Store.
The CEO of Shahrvand Company added: Before the new era, Shahrvand Store was mostly limited to the supply of household goods and sometimes clothes. In the new period, according to the emphasis of the mayor of Tehran, it was decided to develop the network physically and to use the participation of the private sector and people interested in establishing franchise branches.
Stating that the legal and software infrastructure of Shahrvand Mahaleh project has been prepared, he said: People can volunteer by visiting the site so that the Shahrvand Mahaleh project can be carried forward with the participation of the private sector. This action started last week.
He explained about the necessary conditions for the public to participate in the Shahrvand Mahaleh project: people must have at least 150 meters of store space, in which case all operations of equipping, providing goods and branding, software systems and sales will be done by Shahrvand Group. The location of the establishment of the store is in the Shahrvand Mahaleh project with the private sector.
According to the CEO of Shahrvand Company; Any property that has the necessary framework for a Shahrvand store will be involved in Shahrvand Mahaleh project.
While referring to people's need for durable goods in addition to consumer goods,Ghorbanian said: Municipal employees, government and private institutions, as well as general citizens, need a basket of durable goods, apart from the consumer basket.
He further stated: Due to the increase in the price of household appliances, the need for an institution that can provide household appliances in installments with a fair profit was felt.
While referring to the beginning of the installment project from Beyhaqi store, the CEO of Shahrvand store said: Last week, this project was expanded to Shahrvand Boostan store as well. The development of the installment portfolio is being implemented in Shahrvand stores.
Ghorbanian explained about the limit of installment purchase: for municipal employees up to 50 million tomans and for other employees of other institutions up to 30 million tomans installment purchase is considered. Of course, these two announced ceilings are expected to start work and will be developed in the future.
He stated that an interaction was signed with the CEO of Shahr Bank so that Shahr Bank would provide credit in this regard, and added: These resources will be provided from Shahrvand stores and Shahr Bank so that citizens can purchase their necessary household appliances in installments with the lowest possible interest and fees. .
The CEO of Shahrvand store continued his words and added: People who are not members of public or private organizations and companies can receive services from Shahrvand stores for installment purchases through a sayadi's cheque.
About the development of Shahrvand stores outside Tehran province,Ghorbanian said: We are talking with the municipalities of other cities. If a suitable place is provided to Shahrvand store, we will not have any legal restrictions. At present, negotiations have been held with Khuzestan, Markazi, Sistan and Baluchestan provinces and business activists of Mazandaran province.