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Special discount for the reopening of schools in Shahrvand

Special discount for the reopening of schools in Shahrvand

According to the public relations report of the Shahrvand Company, on the occasion of the reopening of the schools, special discounts for all types of stationery, clothes, bags and shoes, basic goods, etc. have started on the 20th of Shahrivar in all store branches and will continue until the 20th of Mehr. has it.
In order to supply the goods needed by the household and help regulate the market during the school reopening season, Shahrvand stores, through effective coordination with the goods suppliers, have been able to offer all kinds of product groups to the citizens with extraordinary discounts of up to 50%.
Also, considering that the development of services and the supply of families' consumption basket in a comprehensive way is one of the most important concerns of the management of the Shahrvand Collection, based on the previously foreseen measures, all kinds of nutritional needs and educational items needed by the students have been prepared from well-known Iranian producers, which is not It not only leads to the support of the domestic economy and the Iranian producer, but in line with paying attention to the rights of consumers, it provides citizens with a good quality product at a reasonable price.
On the other hand, due to the re-opening of schools in person after almost 2 years since the Corona epidemic, Shahrvand stores with the slogan "Shine like a Shahrvand, the first bell of the Shahrvand store" by creating a fun and happy atmosphere in their selected stores, special prizes such as 20 trips to Kish and 20 bicycles are also raffled for its customers so that in addition to an affordable and high-quality purchase from Shahrvand, they can welcome the new academic year with a pleasant experience of winning.