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The path of all-round development of Shahrvand stores should be paved The inspection organizations approach is to identify obstacles to serving citizens

The path of all-round development of Shahrvand stores should be paved The inspection organizations approach is to identify obstacles to serving citizens

According to the public relations report of the Tehran Municipal Inspection Organization, Davoud Goudarzi visited the Shahrvand store and talked with Davoud Ghorbanian, the CEO of
Shahrvand company, and learned about the company's activities and performance.
The head of the Tehran Municipal Inspection Organization emphasized empathy, collective intelligence and honest expert work in the matter of the transformation of the city and municipality and serving the citizens, and stated: the business requirements of Shahrvand Group are in competition with competitors and retail industry activists, and there should be a path of progress in this field. Be paved for citizen stores.
Emphasizing that the Tehran Municipal Inspection Organization will firmly support Shahrvand's services to the citizens in this direction, he added: "If we are going to bring about transformation in the city and municipality, we must facilitate and with empathy, wisdom, and honest expert work." and compassion to pave the way and remove obstacles.
The head of the Tehran Municipal Inspection Organization further considered the development of Shahrvand Company as necessary and said: Shahrvand stores have a service-oriented approach and apart from those that require the approval of the Tehran City Council, it should be facilitated and removed from the existing obstacles with the necessary follow-up of all-round development in the path To implement the goals of Tehran municipality.
Stating that the city administration is looking to provide more services to citizens and municipal personnel through citizen stores, Goudarzi said: We in the inspection organization are looking for the approach to remove the obstacles to serving citizens in the structure of Tehran municipality and identify Administrative and legal obstacles that hinder service delivery, if it is in the interests of the city and citizens, delegitimize it so that city managers are not involved in self-made regulations that prevent better work to be done in the city.
The head of the Tehran Municipality Inspection Organization added: Once upon a time, everyone in the municipality did whatever they wanted, but now it has become clear that the municipality has lost money in these projects and confusion has been woven into the taropod of urban management, and we do not want to return to that situation. impose another problem on the city management; But from this point of view, we don't want to be a stickler in such a way that we don't do anything and nothing good happens to the city, so we must seek to serve the people in a completely transparent manner with appropriate plans and ideas and with an intelligent look.
Reiterating that enough has been done to the city, the municipality and the citizens, Goudarzi added: In our era, we should not allow such a thing to happen and a contractor does not come and put a hat on the city and the citizens.
The head of the inspection organization of Tehran municipality stated that the inspection organization is next to the city managers and not in front of them. If they are together compassionately, we can achieve the goal we are looking for, which is to serve the people.
In the end, while positively evaluating the actions taken in the Shahrvand complex, he said: Currently, additional efforts are being made in the Tehran Municipality complex, and good actions are about to take place at the Shahrvand company.